Unique Blog Ideas That Make Money The Ultimate Guide

Back in October 2012, it was the first time I heard about BLOG and Google Adsense that can help us make money online. I created an account with Blogger.com, a free blog service provider from Google, with which I applied Adsense. application process was not easy for me. I tried to get adsense but everytime I failed. while I applied more than 20 times for google adsense. At the last moment my application was approved quickly.  That’s the very beginning of my “make money blogging”.


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Make money by bloging and my first experience

In august 2013, I made my first money online: $0.61. In Novembar 2014, my Adsense account finally accumulated to $119.76 and I got paid in December 2014 (the minimum payout of Adsense is $100). It took me 16 months to earn $119.76 by Internet but was very excited for me. The period of 16 months is not a short time, but today is your lucky day if you read this page carefully and apply the skills I will share below, in addition you may only take 1 month or 3 months to earn your first $100 online.

In 2013, I learned WordPress, Affiliate Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that have helped me make at least $1000 a month online since December 2014, of which Google Adsense accounts for 1/3-1/2 so far.

In this website, I will share the exact formula that I use to reach the goal of $1000 a month on the Internet by part time. If you are such a person who just wants to make money online, or hasn’t earned the first $100, or is on the way to earn $1000 a month, this site is perfect for you.

The following 10 steps outlined my key concepts, and each step is discussed further through the whole website. Click the titles below to read each section you are interested in.

1. Find your topic

2. Register a domain

3. Buy web hosting

4. Set the NameServer

5. Install WordPress as CMS

6. Install Themes and Plugins

7. Make a Page as Homepage

8. Apply Adsene and CPA/CPS offers

9. SEO: Do it right and effectively

10. Repeat and Make more money

Take action now and make money blogging today!

Blogging for Beginners: a few words

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