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How to Make Adsense Account? Create Adsense and Monetize Blog


Know how to make adsense account and how to monetize blog. There is a huge number of bloggers earning money by blogging and their main earning source are Google Adsense. You can easily monetize your blog even YouTube channel with Google Adsense. By the way, first of all you need to approve Google Adsense with […]


Setup domain and install wordpress as CMS

I love to work with wordpress. After you register an account successfully with or any other web hosting companies, you will get an email from them including everything about your account. So you have to keep that email securely. If you buy from Host Gator, your NameServers are probably as below: NS1: NS2: […]


Top 8 Initial Strategy to be Good at Blogging


Blogging is the Future of Branding. Nowadays we heard about blogging or blogger. But What is blogging? Blog is a website or a platform where you can express yourself. How to be a successful blogger? At present many of us take it as a profession. But how could be blog can received income as a […]


Top 3 Affordable Web Hosting for Beginners

Affordable web hosting services for newbies. Although you can find so many free web hosting services in the market, but finally I realized that’s not a good idea to use free web hosting if you really want to make money online. At the first years, I didn’t buy a domain or web hosting. One big […]


Profitable Domain Registration Strategy for Beginners

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Domain Registration is the first step. We talked about how to find your money blogging topic before. Once you’ve found the topic you desire to make a website/blog. At first, you have to do is register a domain for your topic. Ask me who provides domain name registration services? Well! I’ll talk about that latter. Need […]


Find Best keyword Suggestion Tool for Keyword Analysis


Keyword Suggestion Tool helps you to find proper keyword and keywords will help you to write blog posts. moreover, it will help you to get organic traffic from search engines. While other’s are writing their article with a bunch of proper keywords using keywords research tool why you writing casually? I recommend you to research […]


Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Website Loading Time

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Website loading time is a common issue and important for your site. Everyone who have a website wants that his or her website gets thousands of visitors every day & for this bloggers keep update their website with new stuff, following all SEO strategies, active on social media & others. But if you still not getting […]