Friday, May 19, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Website Loading Time

Website loading time is a common issue and important for your site. Everyone who have a website wants that his or her website gets thousands of visitors every day & for this bloggers keep update their website with new stuff, owing all SEO strategies, follactive on social media & others. But if you still not getting the target visitor then may be one of the biggest reason could be page load time.

Did you ever tried to know the page load time of your website. If no then this is the right time to give some time in this section. If your websites takes too much time to load then you are loosing  thousands of traffic per day because no one have patience to wait until & unless you have a famous website. So if you have a new website then I recommend you to follow this top 5 ways to reduce your website loading time.


Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Website Loading Time

1. Use Less Plugins

If you are using too much plugins then it will be one of the biggest reason that your website taking too much time to load. Try to minimize the number or plugins. Delete the unnecessary plugins as soon as possible. Make sure to remove such plugins first which manual methods available in other words don’t install plugins for Facebook, Google+ etc. it can be manually integrated on your website.

2. Use Compress Images

It is always recommended to use compressed images in your website whether you have a picture based website or you use only one image per article. Images are very much responsible for page load time. Before adding images to your website give some time to compress image. I am not saying that compromise with the quality of images. you can take help of WP plugin to compress images. It will compress the images without loosing quality but again I recommend you to use any compression software to compress images so you will get double benefit.

3. W3 Total cache or WP Super Cache

There are lots of unnecessary things collected in WordPress like unapproved comments, caches, spams etc. which are totally useless. You have to delete it daily wise so your website can run smoothly but if you have not enough time the use W3 Total cache or WP Super Cache plugins. It helps you to delete  all unnecessary things in one single click.

4. Use Less Javascrpits

Like images & plugins, javascripts are also responsible for increasing page load time. Javascripts mostly integrated with plugins i.e. Facebook pop up box. So deleting unnecessary plugins can help you to reduce the number of javascripts. If you are using any other javascripts other then plugins then remove it if it is not necessary. So use less javascript as much as you can to reduce website loading time.

5. Use Website Analyzer Tools

There are thousands of website analyzer tool available which gives you complete details of your website from page speed to broken links & many more. I recommend to use this tool & try to fix the part which surely reduce the page load time of your website.

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