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Find best for research competitor keywords

research competitor keywords that helps you to find proper keyword and keywords will help you to write blog posts. moreover, it will help you to get organic traffic from search engines. While other's are writing their article with a bunch of proper keywords using keywords research tool why you writing casually?

I recommend you to research competitor keywords using best free keyword research tools

That’s the first step for making money blogging. You have to find a interesting topics to blog about or right keyword that you want to share with your potential audiences and make money from that. Some people just write their daily life on their websites, that’s not the right way to make money online at all except you are a celebrity. I'm not sure you are a celebrity or not. If that happened, I'll be very glad. While you are  not a celebrity you need to find a right keyword or bunch of keywords and they will make money on behalf of you.
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Find Ad Grants Keyword research competitor keywords

I prefer to find google or other ad grants keyword. How to know this keyword is ad granted? well! I'm sharing that i know. Go to google search your keyword with your niche. Google shows you search result, isn't it? Yes but google shows you something more and something unexpected. Ok! come to the point. Did you notice that on your search result? If notice, then ok. Let me explain - see below image I marked with red circle. that's an ordinary advertise on google but that ad shows the keyword you search for. Do you understand or not? If not then search again then see is your keyword in the google advertise or not? If those ads have your keyword then you have to understand your keyword is ad grants. So let's find ad grants keyword.
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I forgot to tell you that why I find ad grants keywords?

because those keywords are researched before by advertiser. And grab those keywords to research on other keyword suggestion analysis tools for more information about those generated keywords.

It’s better to start with what you are good at. Take this site as an example. I learned money blogging and am eager to share my experience. In another word, I have had something to say in my mind before I started this website, that is "make money online".

Best free keyword suggestion analysis

Most of all the keyword research tools are not free to use that's why beginners are scared about it. I'm using some basic keyword analysis tool for beginners. I'm sure those will be the best seo keyword suggestion tool.

Google Keyword Planner

Since I have had such a basic idea, the next is to use google adwords keyword planner: This tool is free and very useful for us to find a blogging topic ideas.

As shown in the picture below, just type the keyword you want, in the top box but you have to choose the “EXACT” in the “Match Types”, that means there is no words before or after the keyword you are going to explore and that’s what the real situation will be.

best+keyword+analysis+tool; research competitor keywords


There is a very long list of related keywords, some of them are out of your mind but people are searching for. Primarily you sort the list by “Global Monthly Searches” (GMS) and find a special keyword that’s lower competition on GMS. Here I used “Make Money Blogging”.

You may wonder why I choose “Make Money Blogging”? Here we have to use SEOQUAKE, an add-on's for Firefox to help us find out the competition of a specific keyword. To download SEOQUAKE and learn how to use it here: The basic idea and easiest way is to look at the PR (Page Rank) value. If you see so many PR=4, 5 or greater over there on the first 10 search results on Google, it’s normally difficult to get your keywords listed on the page 1.

Google Keyword Planner Tool help you to find low competitive keywords. So you can use adwords as a competitive free keyword research tools. while other keyword suggestion analysis tool shows you keyword only, google adwords tool show you search volume data also, it mean full term of keyword analysis. Besides this is the best keyword search volume tool. Find new keyword and get search volume data. I'm always choosing the right keywords for seo. I think now you can understand.


Oodlesuggest is another free keyword analysis tool. You can use this tool to find related keywords of your main keyword. It does not show you keywords details data. But it gives you ideas about keyword.

Get niche related keywords ideas


Uddersuggest is similar keyword suggestion tool of Oodlesuggest. But it gives you some extra feature as like as....

(a)Targeting country and language

(b) Keyword search for web

(c) Keyword search for image

(d) Keyword search for shopping

(e) Keyword search for youtube

(f) Keyword search for news

So find your friendly keywords using free keyword tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool

It's a pro tool but you can use this keyword research tool as a free. You can get 750+ google keyword ideas using this tool. and says them self as an alternative of google adwords. Find your habit and find what audience is looking for. Free method does not much feature but research competitor keywords tools also helps you to find your desired keywords.

The last word is if you target big country and keyword search for website then you have to choose long tail keyword. To find long tail keywords you can use longtail pro or as a free method you can get ideas about longtail keywords from those free keyword suggestion analysis tools I mentioned before.

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