Friday, May 19, 2017

Profitable Domain Registration Strategy for Beginners

Domain Registration is the first step. We talked about how to find your money blogging topic before. Once you’ve found the topic you desire to make a website/blog. At first, you have to do is register a domain for your topic. Ask me who provides domain name registration services? Well! I'll talk about that latter.

Need to know about the domain name?

What is Domain Name?

In brief domain name is online identity. Actually, domain name is the name and address by which you go online. Ohh! I think give you theory about domain name definition.

Who Owns a Domain Name?

Well! I have a domain name! "". If you want to buy a domain name then you'll have a domain name. Actually, people who wanted to share their information over the internet they own's domain name. In addition, people who do their business over the internet, online marketers, celebrity, even brand has their own domain name. ",,, are the example of the brand domain name. If someone wants to sell services or product online they also own their domain name.


Who Registered a Domain Name?

I know about some brand domain name register who provides domain registration services with affordable domain registration fees. "NameCheap" "GoDaddy" "HostGator" "BlueHost" provides best domain registration services. They are the most popular web service provider and known to all over the world. So choose the best domain registrar. So buy your first domain name and make it live!

Domain Registration Fees:

Domain registration prices are almost same everywhere. But if someone wanted to buy premium seo ready domain name or branded domain name that might be different. In the title, I said domain registration strategy for beginners. So, I won't talk about those domains. The price of a new domain is $10 to $30. Domain name prices depend on domain register. Sometimes they offer for a cheap domain name.

Domain Name Registration from Namecheap



Copy the exact keyword you found from the Google Keyword Tool above to the search domain blank box as shown in the picture above, like “make money blogging”. In the next page, you will see if it’s available to register. The best is with TLD (top-level domain) of .COM, then .NET or .ORG.

In general, the keyword you found has been chosen by somebody else, what you can do is to add a word before or after the keyword you like. For instance, I added “101” after “Make Money Blogging” to have available for my registration.

Of course, you can use any domain registrars you want. For now, you can click this link to get the special price as low as $8.88 a year for your domains at NameCheap.

If anything goes wrong with domain registration process feel free to ask me. I'll definetly help you.

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