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how to submit sitemap to search engines

how to submit sitemap to search engines is really important! First of all after creating xml sitemap and while submit sitemap to search engines, search engine web crawlers read that file and finally crawl your site.
So what is sitemap?
According to google search console - sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell search engines about the site content. In addition a sitemap can provide metadata of your site pages you listed in that sitemap. Finally metadata inform the search engine about your webpage, such as when the page was last updated and how often it changed etc.


What type of content include in metadata?
Well, metadata includes specific types of content, such as video, images and mobile content. Furthermore sitemap inform to search engines about video running time, category rating etc. and image entry includes image subject matters type and license type.
Do you need a sitemap?
I would say, YES! Because it helps to improve crawl rate of your site. First of all Search engine can easily crawl site in addition improve you site search result. Maybe your site archive will large and your site has some external link so if you don’t tell about them to search engine they maybe skip those data and if you have strong backlinks search engine also skip that information. In conclusion I would say, you need sitemap.

How to create a XML sitemap?
If you know coding you can create xml sitemap but if not, you can use free online sitemap generator and submit sitemap to search engines. You can find online xml sitemap generator tool that website help you to create xml sitemap file. Just download that xml sitemap file and put that file in your website root directory. If you are a wordpress user you can use xml sitemap generator plugin. SEO Yoast is a powerful SEO tool in addition it also works an automatic sitemap generator.
◊I will show you both methods of Generating XML sitemap just follow the steps.

• Sitemap generator online only 10 steps
Online xml sitemap generator is free to use but they have some restrictions. First of all They generate xml sitemap not more than 500 pages in addition they put their link into your sitemap file. I’m telling about It’s good enough and you can create sitemap for website without any hassle.

  • Go through this website address to create xml sitemap

  • Fill this form: Put full address of your website (including http:// or https://) form seems like below image

  • Change frequency none to weekly.

  • keep “last modification” to “use server’s response.

  • change priority to automatically calculated priority.

  • Check again all the options carefully.

  • If everything ok, just click start.

  • It will take few second to complete and

  • After few seconds it will show you ready to download many types of sitemap seems like xml sitemap, html, .gz etc.

Step 10: Download sitemap.xml file and upload to you site root directory.
Step 11: After upload you xml file then your sitemap url looks like.

• Create xml sitemap with wordpress plugin

If you are a wordpress user, you may heard about Yoast SEO if newbie then ok. Wordpress allow you to use huge plugin to enhance wordpress performance. Most of all wordpress user use Yoast SEO plugin to create xml sitemap in wordpress.
Install Yoast SEO or download from this link .
Step 1. Login to wordpress dashboard "Select Plugin"  "Add new button" then search for “Yoast SEO”. Press install and activate plugin or upload plugin manually. At First download “Yoast SEO” wordpress plugin section and then Select Plugin > Add new > upload plugin > active plugin.
Step 2. After activating Yoast SEO you will see a new option added to wordpress menu in the left side called “SEO” click on that option.
Step 3. You will find another option named XML sitemaps click on that.
Step 4. Just Enable sitemap functionality here you go…You will see many option will appear.
Step 5. Put 500 in the max entry per sitemap box and save change.
Step 6. And finally to check your website sitemap press on XML sitemap.

Done! Sitemap created and url seems like

Submit Sitemap to Search Engines

How To Submit A Website To Search Engines Manually
Submit sitemap to google

  1. Go to this link and login with your google account.

  2. First of all verify website before submit sitemap if don’t, you can also verify website by visiting this page How To Submit A Website To Search Engines Manually .

  3. Select on crawl from left panel and sitemaps.

  4. Press Add/Test Sitemap.

  5. Put sitemap.xml here and click submit.

  6. After submitting refresh this page and google ready to copy your site data.

How To Submit A Website To Search Engines Manually

Submit sitemap to Yahoo/Bing
1: Follow this link login with your existing account or create an account.
2: Put domain address and add.
3: Verify domain with secrete code in your header area.
4: Go site dashboard and SUBMIT SITEMAP.
5: Add sitemap address looks like "" and click submit and.
That’s all about how to submit sitemap

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