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How to Make an Adsense Account and Monetize Blog

Know how to make adsense account and how to monetize blog. There is a huge number of bloggers earning money by blogging and their main earning source are Google Adsense. You can easily monetize your blog even YouTube channel with Google Adsense. By the way, first of all you need to approve Google Adsense with your blog first. So you need to know how to create adsense account with blog. Then monetize blog and start earning. And remember one thing you should keep your Adsense account by avoiding fraud click.

What Everyone Is Saying About Google Adsense Earnings?

How Google Adsense works?

It’s a simple method. You need to be a publisher of Google Adsense. And show advertisement on your blog or website. If someone visits your blog and click on that advertisement, then you will be paid. Adsense collects these adverts from another program called GoogleAdwords (advertiser submits their ads on Adwords).

Let’s talk about how does Adsense pay?

It is impossible to say how much you can earn from Adsense. It depends on your blog topic, paying adsense keywords how many visitor’s visits your blog daily, page view, visitor’s country, advertise placement, text or image ads, Ctr (click through ratio), keyword cpc (cost per click) etc. In general you can earn.01$ to 20$ per click and you can also earn 1 to 5 dollars per 1000 impressions or more.

How to create a great blog for Google Adsense Account?

To create a blog you need to know about some processes, you need time and you have to rule’s. I’ll try to tell you about that in brief how to get adsense and how you can good amount of money through Google Adsense by blogging.

At first we need to choose the best keyword with domain name (we talked earlier). To view paying adsense keywords, you can use Google adword keyword planner tool (it’s free).

You should remember, you need more and more visitor to earn good amount of money, you also need good content. If you have good quality content in your blog, then you need not worry about the visitor. So select paying adsense keywords, which have high spec and you can write about that topic.

Many newbie bloggers choose high best paying adsense keywords, but they know less about that topic and they cannot write quality articles. That’s why they can not earn much.

8 things you should know how to make adsense account

  1. After creating a blog with Wordpress CMS you need some good quality article. But before applying for Adsense you should look through below points. Otherwise, your chance is very low.

  2. Let’s have a look what should you do before applying for Google Adsense.

  3. You should have good blog name.(.com .org.Net, etc.). Many of newbie blogger create a blog with blogger or Wordpress and they apply for Adsense but they don’t know their chance is around 5%.

  4. Your domain age should be 3 or 4 months.

  5. Care about blog design and user friendly navigation system.

  6. Create some important pages as like about, contact, privacy policy or disclaimer.

  7. Publish 15 to 20 articles with more than 700 words and add some article which have 1500 words and contains killer keywords(those brings you much organic traffic).

  8. Do not use copy – paste content to your blog. Google seriously cares about that.

  9. Do some SEO for your blog to get some organic visitor.

  10. If you use another advertise network, then remove them.

How to apply for Google Adsense Account?

When you are done with above conditions then you can apply for Google Adsense. To apply Google Adsense you need go and click on signup now

Click create account button and fill the form, scroll down and press I Agree Button

Enter your domain info here and select blog or website language then click save and continue.

Fill out all the information with your actual residential address and click next step.

Again, fill up the form with desire information like country, time zone, account type name and address. You should keep in your mind that all the information you gave like zip code, address, phone number and payee name are real because Google will send you verification mail by postal address. If you give them wrong information then you cannot verify your Google Adsense. And your audience will be valueless.

Tick check box and Accept. I recommend to read Google Adsense Terms and conditions and your done with Google adsnese sign up. Now you need to do one thing more and that is grab the code and paste it to your blog or website header section.


If enrything okay then click on done button. That’s it!

Why you can’t earn much money with Google Adsense, Select Some keywords for adsense

Well! you have got your blog and Adsense. Now the problem is, your Adsense income is very low. Let’s have a look why you can’t make more money with Google Adsense.

  • Your blog doesn’t have much articles.

  • As you blog don’t have much article then your blog doesn’t have much visitor

  • Low visitor means low click

  • Your blog posts are not helpful for the reader

  • Your chosen keywords for adsense or topic has low CPC

  • You don’t update your blog regularly

  • You don’t place your advertising code at the right places

  • You don’t create right size of ad slots

  • You are not using Text and image ad slot

  • Your main visitor are Asian that’s why you are getting low CPC and CTR

Find Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Keyword Analysis

So how you can increase your Adsense earning?

You can increase your Adsense earning through some tips and tricks. Even you can double your earnings.

Let’s have a look, how you can earn more with Google Adsense.

  • Use clean, simple blog design and user friendly navigation.

  • Use premium and Adsense optimized theme for your blog.

  • Publish fresh and unique content regularly that helps your visitor with optimized keywords for adsense.

  • Use large and right size of the ad slot (I recommend responsive, 728x90, 300x600 and 336x280 sizes)

  • Text and Image use both types of ad slot.

  • Use Google custom search which you can find in your Adsense account.

  • Block low paying advertiser

  • Do SEO for your blog regularly to get organic visitor.

You know How to Make Adsense Account Now You Should Know How you can Save Adsense Account from Ban?

Usually, Adsense account banned for invalid click or fraud click. so be careful about that.

Do you want to get rid of this problem? Try this check list......

  • Monitor your blog adclick, invalid click through state counter.

  • If you think some clicks are invalid, immediately report to Google.

  • Don’t click on your own ad even from your friend PC or a public PC.

  • Never use re-written or copy-paste article in your blog.

  • Not more than one Adsense account at the same time.

  • Three ad slots are recommended).

  • Do not re-size or edit ad slot code anyhow.

  • Do n’t buy traffic, try to get organic visitor.

The most important thing is don’t tell about your blog with anyone not even friends.

No more today, Hope you all will get benefit from this post. Not huge, but a little. If you have any question ask me in the comment section, I’ll help you as I can. If you like this article, please share with friends on social media. Next Post will be about keywords for adsense and which keywords help you to make Adsense account.

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