Friday, May 19, 2017

how to add privacy policy to your website

Hi..You start your own website or blog! J So you should have “ add privacy policy ” to your business or your website.  Actually privacy policy represents the legal aspect of your business. You may notice every professional blog or website has their own privacy policy which is visible in their website.


I said before privacy policy represents legal aspect of your business or your blog/website, and it also helps reader to know more information about how the blog collects its data.

Even, If your site is ready to apply for monetization with google adsense it is mandatory to add privacy policy page according to Google adsense terms and conditions. You have to add pivacy policy or disclaimer page to your site. Otherwise google don’t accept for adsense program or may ban your adsense account. So, make a privacy policy page of your blog is crucial.

It is not really an easy thing to write privacy policy, you need to pay some extra cash to your lawyer if you want to do it by lawyer. To make privacy page easily you can use Online Privacy Policy Generator. And I’m going to show you free privacy policy generator which has coherence with google adsense terms and conditions.

I’m talking about SerpRank tool that generate privacy policy for website. It does not need any previous experience. You just need to type your website address and your email address.

Generate and add privacy policy to website



  1. Follow this link SerpRank

  2. Register if you don’t have SerpRank account

  3. After confirming your email address again follow this link privacy policy generator

  4. Type your site URL and email address

  5. Click on “Create my Privacy Policy”

  6. That tool generates privacy policy for your site. Copy it

  7. Go back to your wordpress dashboard

  8. Click Pages > Add new Write title “Privacy Policy” and paste the privacy policy on the editor, you have already copied.

  9. Add privacy policy page to the menu or footer whatever you want.

BloggingBase also used this free privacy policy generator. You can add privacy policy page with this tool.

Which tool you used to create your privacy policy page? Let me know.

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