Friday, May 19, 2017

Do You Optimize Blog Post Titles?

Your good content could be useless if reader do not read it. So, no matter how good content you has in your site! Your visitor will read your post by just looking at the blog post titles.

So blog post titles matter a lot! If you have a eye catchy post titles, users surely check the post.

A blogger should always try to write a eye catching post titles so that people read blog posts. That means if we write good headline of our post that will be reader’s friendly headline.

You write your blog post titles for your reader’s but what about search engine? Well write post headline for search engines beside visitor. Blogger always try to get organic traffic from search engines and that’s why we try to write search engine friendly title.


For an example, you can easily write a visitor friendly title like “How I made $2000 from Affiliate marketing” and you write this type of title because this is really eye catching title and your reader’s will love to read this types of headlines. But search engine says this is not good post title because people will not search for how you made $2000 from affiliate marketing people will search for “How to make money online with affiliate marketing”. This is good post title for search engines and people use this type of keyword on search engines.

So blogger write blog post title for SEO and Reader’s Friendly

So the simple way is to write search engine friendly title is…Check it out!

How to Optimize Blog Post Titles for SEO and Reader’s

Wordpress user can use several plugins which offers to write a different title for search engines which formerly known as Meta title. When submit your site to search engine they will find meta title automatically. Most popular plugins those are helps you to write blog post title for your reader’s and search engines also. And you can write two different titles for your post. One for reader’s and another one is for search engines. Well, I’m clearing to you.

Most of people will search for "how to optimize post title" not for "do you optimize post title?"


This is Reader's friendly title on above picture. Two titles will surely increase your CTR. Here are some eye catching tips for writing readers friendly title and SEO friendly.

  1. write scary titles

  2. Tell secrets about you or your blog

  3. Ask questions in post title

  4. Use number in the title

For search engine

  1. Research keywords properly

  2. write blog post titles withing 65 characters. Because the viewable limit of 65 characters in the search result.

  3. Use unique words

  4. Use "how to" (if needed)

Do you think two title is tough to write for single post I can say make it your habit and this will helps you to increase your CTR.

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