Friday, May 19, 2017

how to check backlinks on google Keep an Eye on Adversary Site

In Previous post I tried to show you how can check google index status. And in this post I’ll show how to check backlinks on google. It is nesessary not only for your website but also keep an eye one your compettitor website. If you read all of my blog post’s then you may have enough article on your site to create quality backlinks. Because Google's PageRank algorithm emphasise on quality backlinks. If you made huge number of random backlinks for your site, now it’s time to check those backlinks.

  • In brief, backlinks refers to incoming links. When a page or post or domain links to other page or post or domain, It’s called backlinks.

  • When a page or post link with another page or post in the same website, that is called inbound link. And when links come from another website, page or post that is called outbound link. We also call them incoming links.

As a website owner, you should know about three common question.

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  • How to get backlinks to your website?
Google's PageRank algorithm emphasise on quality backlinks, I told that before. So! What should you do? How can you get quality backlinks. Should you buy backlinks from website or freelance? If you buy, then do you need to check incoming links?

Answer: If you do backlinks yourself or buy from website or freelancer. My opinion is monitor incoming links regularly. And you can check backlinks on google easily.
  • How check incoming links?
There are huge number of authority website to monitor backlinks free. You can also go for paid method. But if free method like google backlinks checker works for you, why you need to go for paid method?
  • How to check competitor backlinks?
You can ask me why you need to do competitor backlink analysis? Think you are reading this meterial to check backlinks of a website and your compettitor They are not lazily sitting. They also doing backlinks. So check competitor backlinks and yours also.

Monitor  Backlinks free

You can monitor backlinks free with free backlinks checker tool as like as google backlinks checker, alexa backlink checker, smallseotool backlink checker, backlinkwatch etc.

You can also check backlink of a website by paid methood as like as SEMRush backlink checker, majestic backlink checker, alexa backlink checker.

But in this post, I’m trying to show you how you can Check backlinks on google.

Direct check Backlinks on Google

  • Go to your browser and click on this link actually this link allow Google USA

  • In the search box type “” without inverted comma. And search.

  • I know, the shows google but it seems google shows you all links. You have to check wach of the link.

Maybe you do not like it


  1. * Go to
* Enter domain name with http:// or https://
  • Check captcha to prove you are not robot

  • Click Check Backlinks
Small seo tool show you 100 backlinks in free method

Personally I prefer google backlinks checker. It has no limit to show the links. So check backlinks on google to monitor backlinks free.

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