Monday, May 16, 2016

How To Submit Website To Search Engines Manually

Submit website decently to search engine, don’t bother search engine.

Submit Website for free

Well, I think you decide to create a blog. Created! Then make it simple as you can. After that you need some article to post your website or blog that you can show your site to other people over the internet. After 3 or 5 article you can submit your site to search engine.  I’m going to show you how to submit website to major search engine for ranking your website. Actually if you do not submit site to search engine, search engine do not index your site and when people search over the internet with your relevant keyword they will not find your site. So we need to submit website to search engine that search engine can index your website.

By the way All search engine submission are free, they will not ask you to pay.

I’m going to show you the way you can submit your site to Google, bing and yandex. Let’s start with submit url to google.


Submit Website and Increase Website Ranking

Submit website to Google:

Do you have google account? If not then create an account on google.

  • Follow this link and login with your google account .

  • Click on ADD A PROPERTY

  • Pop-up window will appear put your URL here and continue

  • Google show you recommend method to verify(HTML tag) copy full HTML tag.

  • If you using wordpress then paste it inside on SEO Yoast plugin “webmaster” section. If Blogger or other platform paste it on after <head> section of your site and save it.

  • Wait 2-5 minutes and click on verify button at google webmasters tools.

Done this method

If you do not have google account or you cannot understand above method. You just follow this link

Put your URL here check the box and put captcha if shows and click submit request. (Done) Google will index your site within 3-5 days.

Submit website to Bing:

Create bing account.

  • Follow this link and login with your bing account

  • Enter your site url and click add

  • Bing ask you to add sitemap if you have sitemap put here if you do not have sitemap you can generate sitemap here. Then click Add

  • Bing will ask you to verify ownership copy meta(HTML tag) same as before and put it to SEO Yoast webmaster section or after <head> section as I showed before. Save and click verify after 2-5 minutes(Done)

3. Submit website to Yandex:

Create an yandex account.

  • Follow this link and login with your Yandex account.


  • Click add site put your URL and click add.

  • Copy “meta tag” info

  • Paste it on SEO Yoast webmaster section or after the <head> section and save it.

  • Wait 2-5 minute and click check(Done)

Ohh! Are You thinking I skipped something? You are thinking about Yahoo and Baidu submission. Yes! I skipped yahho and baidu submission because Yahoo and Bing are now working together and you cannot register at Baidu without china phone number that’s why I do not write about Baidu. So don’t worry about it. I mention before do not bother search engine actually, I mean do not submit website again and again. Submit your site to search engine decently.
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