Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How to Submit and Verify Alexa Website Submission?

You have already submitted your website to major search engine. Now it’s time to submit and verify you’re your site in alexa. Alexa is one of the best tools to find out the local and global rank. It has paid and free option to use. Alexa rank any website or keywords from the web that are getting high traffic. You can grab some spy data from alexa as like as keywords info, site bounce rate, surfing info, user time, audience demography, your site load speed, your sites backlink and more. So, It is really important to submit your site to alexa website if you want to monitor your website rank and the traffic status. Without alexa verification you cannot see the traffic status and rank of your site. So do alexa website submission.

How to Submit Website to Major Search Engine

Besides, alexa will help you to get advertise on your site. Advertiser will check your site rank and traffic status on alexa first. It is possible advertiser will check your site to know more about your blog/website. You may lose the advertiser if they don’t find your site on alexa. I’m going to show you in this article how to easily claim and submit your site to alexa.

Know about alexa:

Alexa is an amazon company. Amazon acquired alexa in 1999 and they re-introduced alexa with more feature and more informatic. They build tool bar for web browser to view any website rank instantly. They develop add-on/ plugin for major web browser like Mozilla firefox, Google chrome and internet explorer. Their premium services offer to view more information in-depth and deeply. With these paid plans you can analysis your competitor. They show more feature in premium package of alexa as like as daily status, social insight, demographic, Mobile insight and traffic source.

Alexa website submission and Guideline

Submit site to alexa for free!

Follow the step it’s easy to submit your site on alexa

  1. Go by this link alexa


  1. Register an account on alexa, if you have already registered then login your account. You can sign up with your facebook account.

  2. After login Alexa show you dashboard.  From left you will see metrics for your site section. In this section click on Add site put your site address and click continue plan.

  3. Below the price table you can see claiming your site click on it.

  4. Again type your URL and press continue. There you can see three methods to verify your website.


I’ll show you first two methods those are really easy for beginners and third one is for pro member.

Method 1: You can verify alexa by upload file into your web hosting root directory (usually the “public_html” directory)


Press method 1 alexa show you file download option you need download that file by pressing “Download the file”. Then upload that file into your website hosting directory public_html and after uploading back to alexa and press verify the file on your site button. If you uploaded that file at proper place then a notification will appear something like “Your site successfully claimed.” This method is one of the easiest way to verify your website.

Method 2: You can use this method to verify blogger, wordpress and custom html site by just adding alexa code after the <head> tag in HTML. If you are using blogger blog just go to template section> Edit HTML and search for <head> tag put the alexa unique code and save your template.



<meta name="alexaVerifyID" content="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"/>


If you are using wordpress and SEO Yoast plugin then it will be easier for you. Just copy the "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" code (without inverted comma) and paste it into SEO Yoast>webmaster section and save it. Then back to alexa and press “verify my ID” button.

You can confirm your site verified in alexa by going alexa dashboard.

Now your blog/website alexa website submission is completed.

Site Information: This is the additional feature of alexa, you can add your site information that prove your authority. It is optional but it is better than leaving it blank, so provide some basic info. Fill the form as per requirements and then click on save change.

Alexa submission and verification not so tough, you can easily do this. If you follow the method 1 then you need to know basic thing about ftp or direct cpanel. I prefer to use ftp software like file zila. You can easily do it without facing any problems. If you do not understand or facing problems do not hesitate just write in the comment below. As soon as possible I’ll try to help you.

So which method you prefer to verify alexa website submission? Let me know.

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