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How to create contact page and form in wordpress?

Sometimes visitors want to contact with the owner of the website. But how they contact with owner? Yes there is the way to contact with author and that is contact page.  A standard website should have contact page that allow the visitor to communicate with owner. Visitors can use this page to ask something or to give feedback or suggestions about your site. So contact page is really essential part of any website.

And the reality of making contact page is to help your site visitor. If they try to reach you through contact page do not ignore them. I think contact page helps your site to engage people with your site. That’s why it is so important to create contact us page in your website. Contact us page will help you to communicate with your readers and contact us form will help your readers to communicate with you.


Add contact page and contact form

There is many way to create contact form. If you are a wordpress user you will find huge number of plugin to generate free contact form. You can also create contact page with html contact form by using 3rd party html form or your own code. You can use foxyform, 123contactform form generator. You can use wp contact form or contact form 7 to create contact form in contact us page.

In this article I’ll show you how to create contact page and contact form in wordpress using contact form 7.

Follow the steps to make contact page

Step 1: From your wordpress dashboard “plugin” section click on “add new” and type in the search box “contact form 7” The plugin will appear and looks like image below. Install that plugin and activate it.

Step 2: Find the name “contact” in your left WordPress option panel and click on contact form. You will see a pre build generated form. You can generate new form.

Step 3: Click on Add new and put your title in the title section. If you are new at contact form 7 then leave form section otherwise select which option you need in your contact form.

Example: click on text a pop up will appear choose if this section mandatory then mark on the require field, type name leave blank on thw default value and press insert tag button.


Save it

Step 4: You’r done in contact form section. Back to create a page in wordpress. Go to the page option and create new page by clicking add new.

Step 5: Put your contact page title like contact us” or “contact”. Edit your url in the permalink section under title section.

Contact page should be or

Step 6: Write something in your contact us page as like as why they contact you if they hesitate to contact you tell them you are ready to help them and tell them what type of question they can ask and what type of service you can serve. Even you can share your more contact info. Save the contact page and back to contact option and click on “contact forms” copy the shortcode of your contact form.

Step 7: Back to page option and click edit your contact page option. Put the shortcode below your writings. And update your contact us page. Then click on the view page. You are done! successfully.


Well if your contact us page not show contact form don’t worry and don’t panic. Just copy that short code and edit your page again click on “text” it shows top-right corner of the text editor in wordpress and put the your short code again below your writings. Again update your page. That’s all!

So, let me know which plugin you used to create your site contact page? If you are facing problem with contact form and contact us page let me know I’ll try to help you.

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