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how to create your own blog: a few words

For starters, welcome to my blog and a few words about how to create your own blog: In keeping with the technology the world going forward. Modern Technology has touched with peoples' lives and It has created an opportunity to make our life better. The Internet service is part of modern technology. That makes easier to learn about an unknown and tied the world in one rope. Day by day internet user is increasing. The range of human knowledge is growing up.  People write many things, discuss on various issues, even create the views on the internet. In the past, there needed a big space to make a library, but now a single computer is enough to do that. This can be a hundred times larger than the Library. Earlier on, send news one place to another or country, publish that news and reach to the readers, all of these processes took a long time. But now! It takes a moment. You can send your thought, views, and discussions to your readers within a few seconds. You can do this by blogging. We cannot ignore that blogging plays role in our life.

Blogging connects you with a global audience

how to create your own blog

What is a blog?

On the internet “blog” pass more that 15 years. “Blog” the word comes from “Weblog”. In 1997 Jorn Barger first uses the word “Weblog”. In 1999 Peter Merholz makes two parts of that word to “we” “blog”. After that, the word “blog” tend to be popular worldwide. There was a website named “Open Diary” created and people can write their diary.  That was like a blog.

The definition is given by Oxford Dictionary - A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

What is blogging?

A web site contains dated posts by single or multiple users are talking about a particular topic, which is called blogging. In short blogging is the art of writing in a blog.

Normally, a blog could be created by someone who knew about basic web site building already. Now anyone is creating a blog for free and can start blogging.

Without this, any particular issue in your daily life or series of things to write and share it with everyone on the Internet is blogging. This might be blog on a variety of subjects, such as literature, politics, technology, travel stories, writing about your life like a diary to keep everything organized and to write in information technology knowledge.

What is blogger?

Those people who are blogging or writing on the web page over the internet and who make those blogs is the blogger. In other words, people who post content on the blog or writing on the blogs they are blogger.

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