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What are the main on page SEO issues I should identify and fix?

If you’re using your website to make money, then it’s essential that you optimise your content and your design to maximise your chances of converting visitors into customers. But after designing your pages and writing your content, what else can you do to get customers coming back and buying your products and services? Search engine optimisation could be the way to go, and we’ve rounded up five SEO quick fixes to help you onsite optimization.

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Begin the steps of fix seo issues

  1. Write more content

If you want to rank on search engines like Google, then you should aim to write as much content as you can. Start a blog, publish new posts weekly and share your new stuff on social media. Search engines will index this fresh content and help you rank for keywords that are relevant to your industry. The benefits of content marketing for small businesses are endless, so develop a strategy as soon as possible if you want to succeed.

  1. Download a plugin

Using a content management system like WordPress? Download one of the many plugins available for your platform, like Yoast SEO, to improve the SEO of your website without putting in any effort. Such plugins add markup to your website’s code that tell search engines the keywords, topics and structure of your website, helping you rank higher.

  1. Build links

Every time a website links back to yours, search engines will be notified and will, in many cases, give your website’s ranking a boost. Think of it like this – every mention you get from another website, Google will see your website as more authoritative and trustworthy. Make sure you ask for links from your clients and contacts, and consider guest blogging if you want to boost your links quickly and effectively. There are also hundreds of directories that you can submit your website to – each one giving you a backlink and helping you onsite optimization.

  1. Choose your keywords wisely

If you offer a lot of products or services, then the chances are that you’ll have multiple keywords that you’d like to rank for. Try to whittle down the keywords you want to use – the fewer you choose, the more keyword dense your content can be, and the easier it will be for you to rank for them. We recommend aiming to rank for no more than three or four keywords on your website, unless you have a large ecommerce website with hundreds of pages and you have a large SEO budget or team that you can rely on. Keep it simple.

Wrapping up

Search engine optimisation isn’t always easy – especially if you don’t have the time or the experience level. Take your time and try out these techniques – we promise they’ll help!

About the Author
Max Greene is the Managing Director of Muffin Marketing, a small business marketing agency offering content marketing, social media management and onsite optimization.

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how to check backlinks on google Keep an Eye on Adversary Site

In Previous post I tried to show you how can check google index status. And in this post I’ll show how to check backlinks on google. It is nesessary not only for your website but also keep an eye one your compettitor website. If you read all of my blog post’s then you may have enough article on your site to create quality backlinks. Because Google's PageRank algorithm emphasise on quality backlinks. If you made huge number of random backlinks for your site, now it’s time to check those backlinks.
  • In brief, backlinks refers to incoming links. When a page or post or domain links to other page or post or domain, It’s called backlinks.

  • When a page or post link with another page or post in the same website, that is called inbound link. And when links come from another website, page or post that is called outbound link. We also call them incoming links.

As a website owner, you should know about three common question.

organic+seo+techniques, seo+eye, check+backlinks+on+google,how to search backlinks on google,how+to+search+backlinks+on+google

  • How to get backlinks to your website?
Google's PageRank algorithm emphasise on quality backlinks, I told that before. So! What should you do? How can you get quality backlinks. Should you buy backlinks from website or freelance? If you buy, then do you need to check incoming links?

Answer: If you do backlinks yourself or buy from website or freelancer. My opinion is monitor incoming links regularly. And you can check backlinks on google easily.
  • How check incoming links?
There are huge number of authority website to monitor backlinks free. You can also go for paid method. But if free method like google backlinks checker works for you, why you need to go for paid method?
  • How to check competitor backlinks?
You can ask me why you need to do competitor backlink analysis? Think you are reading this meterial to check backlinks of a website and your compettitor They are not lazily sitting. They also doing backlinks. So check competitor backlinks and yours also.

Monitor  Backlinks free

You can monitor backlinks free with free backlinks checker tool as like as google backlinks checker, alexa backlink checker, smallseotool backlink checker, backlinkwatch etc.

You can also check backlink of a website by paid methood as like as SEMRush backlink checker, majestic backlink checker, alexa backlink checker.

But in this post, I’m trying to show you how you can Check backlinks on google.

Direct check Backlinks on Google

  • Go to your browser and click on this link actually this link allow Google USA

  • In the search box type “” without inverted comma. And search.

  • I know, the shows google but it seems google shows you all links. You have to check wach of the link.

Maybe you do not like it


  1. * Go to
* Enter domain name with http:// or https://
  • Check captcha to prove you are not robot

  • Click Check Backlinks
Small seo tool show you 100 backlinks in free method

Personally I prefer google backlinks checker. It has no limit to show the links. So check backlinks on google to monitor backlinks free.

How to Check Google Index Status Recognize Your Website

You may post article to your site regularly but google does not recognize your site. Actually its time to check google index status. Generally bloggers write an article after researching keywords. They choose keywords and write article sincerely but there is no result in google search.
Many of newbie blogger don't know why that happens? First of all, you should know how to get google to recognize your website. Do you know when google or other search engines crawl your website? In brief, google site crawler crawl your site once in a week, as per I know. Crawl means, your previous post indexed by google. You have enough article on you blog or website and google does not recognize your website. You don't know what have to do. Then you should check the list of urls indexed by google.

There are a huge number of google indexed pages checker tools over the internet. You can easily check google index status. And Before I mentioned, you must know how to get google to recognize your website. After submitting your site to google webmaster, google start indexing your site. actually google copy your site to their server. When people search somthing related to your site then search engines show result from their server.

Now, if your site not indexed then your post will not appear on the search result. Google webmaster allow to show you list of urls indexed by google. You can easily check google index status and you can take action after checking index status. If google not indexing your site follow my previous post

know how to check google index status

There are three methode I know how you can check google index status.
  • Direct Searching on Google

You can check index status directly through google search. Just use the site: operator, like this: (Note: Don't use a space between the operator and the URL.)

Google will show you the list of urls indexed by google through search result. You can also search your subdomain with this method.

  • Using Google Webmaster Tool

You do not need any google indexed pages checker tool to check google index status. Just login google webmaster tool area > Select your domain which was submitted before. From the left panel click on google index > then click on Index status. hola! there you show you total index status. If you want to remove any url from index you can do that also by going remove urls from left panel under google index.

  • Google website index checker Tool

There are many google indexed pages checker tools scattered over the internet. You can easily find your indexed url list through those free tools.

You can check google index status through its free to use.

how to get noticed on google search: SEO Revealed

Organic Search is most valuable thing to google and other search engines. As a newbie we don't know what is organic search engine optimization and how to optimize on-page seo to get organic traffic? If you are working with google adsense you must need to know about on-page optimization. You must need need ogranic traffic and organic search. This is the most valuable thing to google as I know. So get your on-page optimization perfect.

What is Organic Search Engine Optimization

At first you need to focus on your article because you are not writing for the search engine. You are writing for your readers. So write your article carefuly.
Organic SEO refers to the method that all the procedures for search engine optimization are followed by the proper method of taking position on the search result.

To get your site to search results, you need to do on-page optimization

You do not need to pay to get your site to search result. Just follow some seo techniques get your site rank in search engines.

The importance of Organic Search Engine Optimization

The importance of search engine optimization can not be terminated. In other words, in order to achieve success in online blogging, marketing, business promotion and online blogger has to follow seo techniques. Without SEO, you can not achieve success in any online field. The reason for that everybody on the Internet is searching for everything needed by the search engine. Especially the use of Google search engines is extensive that there is no way to succeed in without Google search engine optimization. The use of google search engines has increased because of popular web browsers Mozila Firefox, Chrome are using google to their default search engines. So there is no alternative to make your blog / website popular without organic search or search engine optimization.

Organic Search Engine Optimization 2017 Start with Me

On-Page SEO Tactics Anatomy of an SEO friendly website

Website Meta Tags are important it helps to organic search

  • Meta tags are html tags that tells the readers and search engines what your website is all about.

  • Meta tags generally not visible to the readers and are always placed in between the header tags. Only meta description tag is important, rest all meta tags are optional.

  • Meta description tags describe the contents of a website in short to readers and search engines crawlers and spiders.

  • Meta keywords tags describe the contents in short in keywords. These tags used to be important.

  • Meta robot tags tells the search engines crawlers and spider to follow, nofollow, index or noindex the contents of a website.

  • Meta author tags tell the search engines about the author of the website.

Content length and quality is very important

  1.  In the seosphere and bloggsphere 'content' is considered to be "the king".

  2.  Content should be both of high quality and hight quantity.

  3.  The average content length fo a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on google has at least 2,000 words.

  4.  The higher up you go on the search listing page, the more content each page has.

So, the higher legnth of content get more organic search

  • If a website's content is rich with usefull and in-depth information, readers for sure will love it and share your article on social media or link your content to their website which would increase the page authority of that content.

  • This would incerease the chances of that content to rank higher in the search engines and get more organic traffic from the search engines which is the ultimate achivement for an SEO experrt, a Business or Bloggers.

  • A lengthy article should consis of 'long tal keywords' and the logtail keywords should be included considering the search user's intent.

  • The percentage of people who are searching for 2 or 3 word phrases is decreasing and the percentage of people who are searching for 4, 5 or even 8 word phrases is increasing.

  • If you want to capitalize on this, consider boosting the amount of content on your website as the more words you have on each page, the more likely you are to rank for longtail keywords.

  • If you want more traffic and higher conversions, you should go for high quality and quantity content of 1500 words or more, or more than your competitors.

Check How To Check Google Index Status Recognize Your Website

Crafting and SEO friendly post title

  • Place Title tags in <h1>. Search Engines give more importance to <h1> to <h6>

  • Write Title tags within or less than 60 characters. Search engines sometime display upto 60 characters, while sometimes omit characters more than 55.

  • You can not have more than one <title> element in an HTML document.

  • Title tags should be crafted after searching for high traffic, low competition keywords using google keyword planner tool and also according to search engine user’s necessity and intent.

  • Suppoe, a seaarch engine user want to know how to torrent file downloaded on Android, then your post title should be “How to Download Torrents on Android?”.

  • By the importance, Post Title should be crafted in decending order, starting with the most important terms that must

  • placed at the beginning folloed with the least important terms.

  • In addition Post title should be compelling enough so that user can not resist, but feel like checking out the article at any cost.

  • Post title that contains numbers get more clicks, “15 killer SEO Tactics only for Organic Search.”

Optimize your Post with Keyword Placement

Place your selected keywods in proper place to get more and more organic search and organic traffic . So first thing is first. Let's move to do this.

  • First of all Place your main keyword in the beginning of title.

  • Keyword in the beginning of first paragraph.

  • Keyword in the sub heading or <h2> element.

  • Main keyword should be in your permalink or url.

  • The density of your keyword should be less than three percent of your content.

  • Keyword in the middle of the post section.

  • Use keyword as blod or strong, italic and underline. at least one time.

  • Main keyword should be used as a "image alt text".

  • Main keyword use in your post description tags.

  • Interlink with your another post or category.

  • Also Interlink with home page or other pages.

Expert says on moz on-page factor to get organic search of your site.

In conclusion know more from Matt Cutts: write useful article that readers will fall in love.

How to Make an Adsense Account and Monetize Blog

Know how to make adsense account and how to monetize blog. There is a huge number of bloggers earning money by blogging and their main earning source are Google Adsense. You can easily monetize your blog even YouTube channel with Google Adsense. By the way, first of all you need to approve Google Adsense with your blog first. So you need to know how to create adsense account with blog. Then monetize blog and start earning. And remember one thing you should keep your Adsense account by avoiding fraud click.

What Everyone Is Saying About Google Adsense Earnings?

How Google Adsense works?

It’s a simple method. You need to be a publisher of Google Adsense. And show advertisement on your blog or website. If someone visits your blog and click on that advertisement, then you will be paid. Adsense collects these adverts from another program called GoogleAdwords (advertiser submits their ads on Adwords).

Let’s talk about how does Adsense pay?

It is impossible to say how much you can earn from Adsense. It depends on your blog topic, paying adsense keywords how many visitor’s visits your blog daily, page view, visitor’s country, advertise placement, text or image ads, Ctr (click through ratio), keyword cpc (cost per click) etc. In general you can earn.01$ to 20$ per click and you can also earn 1 to 5 dollars per 1000 impressions or more.

How to create a great blog for Google Adsense Account?

To create a blog you need to know about some processes, you need time and you have to rule’s. I’ll try to tell you about that in brief how to get adsense and how you can good amount of money through Google Adsense by blogging.

At first we need to choose the best keyword with domain name (we talked earlier). To view paying adsense keywords, you can use Google adword keyword planner tool (it’s free).

You should remember, you need more and more visitor to earn good amount of money, you also need good content. If you have good quality content in your blog, then you need not worry about the visitor. So select paying adsense keywords, which have high spec and you can write about that topic.

Many newbie bloggers choose high best paying adsense keywords, but they know less about that topic and they cannot write quality articles. That’s why they can not earn much.

8 things you should know how to make adsense account

  1. After creating a blog with Wordpress CMS you need some good quality article. But before applying for Adsense you should look through below points. Otherwise, your chance is very low.

  2. Let’s have a look what should you do before applying for Google Adsense.

  3. You should have good blog name.(.com .org.Net, etc.). Many of newbie blogger create a blog with blogger or Wordpress and they apply for Adsense but they don’t know their chance is around 5%.

  4. Your domain age should be 3 or 4 months.

  5. Care about blog design and user friendly navigation system.

  6. Create some important pages as like about, contact, privacy policy or disclaimer.

  7. Publish 15 to 20 articles with more than 700 words and add some article which have 1500 words and contains killer keywords(those brings you much organic traffic).

  8. Do not use copy – paste content to your blog. Google seriously cares about that.

  9. Do some SEO for your blog to get some organic visitor.

  10. If you use another advertise network, then remove them.

How to apply for Google Adsense Account?

When you are done with above conditions then you can apply for Google Adsense. To apply Google Adsense you need go and click on signup now

Click create account button and fill the form, scroll down and press I Agree Button

Enter your domain info here and select blog or website language then click save and continue.

Fill out all the information with your actual residential address and click next step.

Again, fill up the form with desire information like country, time zone, account type name and address. You should keep in your mind that all the information you gave like zip code, address, phone number and payee name are real because Google will send you verification mail by postal address. If you give them wrong information then you cannot verify your Google Adsense. And your audience will be valueless.

Tick check box and Accept. I recommend to read Google Adsense Terms and conditions and your done with Google adsnese sign up. Now you need to do one thing more and that is grab the code and paste it to your blog or website header section.


If enrything okay then click on done button. That’s it!

Why you can’t earn much money with Google Adsense, Select Some keywords for adsense

Well! you have got your blog and Adsense. Now the problem is, your Adsense income is very low. Let’s have a look why you can’t make more money with Google Adsense.

  • Your blog doesn’t have much articles.

  • As you blog don’t have much article then your blog doesn’t have much visitor

  • Low visitor means low click

  • Your blog posts are not helpful for the reader

  • Your chosen keywords for adsense or topic has low CPC

  • You don’t update your blog regularly

  • You don’t place your advertising code at the right places

  • You don’t create right size of ad slots

  • You are not using Text and image ad slot

  • Your main visitor are Asian that’s why you are getting low CPC and CTR

Find Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Keyword Analysis

So how you can increase your Adsense earning?

You can increase your Adsense earning through some tips and tricks. Even you can double your earnings.

Let’s have a look, how you can earn more with Google Adsense.

  • Use clean, simple blog design and user friendly navigation.

  • Use premium and Adsense optimized theme for your blog.

  • Publish fresh and unique content regularly that helps your visitor with optimized keywords for adsense.

  • Use large and right size of the ad slot (I recommend responsive, 728x90, 300x600 and 336x280 sizes)

  • Text and Image use both types of ad slot.

  • Use Google custom search which you can find in your Adsense account.

  • Block low paying advertiser

  • Do SEO for your blog regularly to get organic visitor.

You know How to Make Adsense Account Now You Should Know How you can Save Adsense Account from Ban?

Usually, Adsense account banned for invalid click or fraud click. so be careful about that.

Do you want to get rid of this problem? Try this check list......

  • Monitor your blog adclick, invalid click through state counter.

  • If you think some clicks are invalid, immediately report to Google.

  • Don’t click on your own ad even from your friend PC or a public PC.

  • Never use re-written or copy-paste article in your blog.

  • Not more than one Adsense account at the same time.

  • Three ad slots are recommended).

  • Do not re-size or edit ad slot code anyhow.

  • Do n’t buy traffic, try to get organic visitor.

The most important thing is don’t tell about your blog with anyone not even friends.

No more today, Hope you all will get benefit from this post. Not huge, but a little. If you have any question ask me in the comment section, I’ll help you as I can. If you like this article, please share with friends on social media. Next Post will be about keywords for adsense and which keywords help you to make Adsense account.

Setup domain and install wordpress as CMS

I love to work with wordpress. After you register an account successfully with or any other web hosting companies, you will get an email from them including everything about your account. So you have to keep that email securely.

If you buy from Host Gator, your NameServers are probably as below:


And if you registered your domain from, you should change the NamServers to the above addresses, see the screenshot for demonstration:

It seems difficult for newbies, but it’s so easy to do once you have done one or two times.

How to Install WordPress As CMS is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) for building a blog or website. For quite a time in the past, I didn’t know it. I bet you will like it when you begin to use it. It’s simple and flexible. You even don’t need to know a single HTML code but can make money online!

Before you install WordPress, in addition to setting your NameServers, you also have to add your domain and create the database for that domain first. The below is just an example, and your web hosting company will show you how to do it even with video tutorials, so just take a little bit time for that and don’t worry about it:

You got the FTP account from your web hosting company. You use it to upload files to your web hosting account. You can use FileZilla, a free FTP client. Download here.

Now it’s time to download WordPress from (not Download a copy to your computer and open it to find the wp-config-sample.php file and rename it to wp-config.php. Open wp-config.php in a text editor and then add the required information as you have had at your hands:


After you’ve done the above, use the FileZilla with your FTP account information to log in and upload the whole WordPress files to your web hosting account under the domain you specified. You may think it’s quite difficult at the beginning, in fact it’s quite simple after you try it once.

When everything is ready, it will direct you to a page like below. That’s it!

How to Install Themes and Plugins in WordPress

After successfully installed WordPress on your own web hosting, now you can use your username and password to log in to WordPress. Congratulations! You did it!

You can change the theme and add plugins easily, as shown below:


The most important plugin is the “All in One SEO Pack”. After you install it, you should configure it to work, as shown below:


Another thing you have to do is to change the Permalinks for SEO purpose:


The above is the basic configurations you have to do for making money blogging. It took me quite a time to figure out, but you can learn it in a a few minutes now.

Top 8 Initial Strategy to be Good at Blogging

Blogging is the Future of Branding. Nowadays we heard about blogging or blogger. But What is blogging? Blog is a website or a platform where you can express yourself.

How to be a successful blogger?

At present many of us take it as a profession. But how could be blog can received income as a profession? There are many ways to earn from blogging, two of the most popular way to make money from blogging is

  1. Google Adsense

  2. Affiliate Marketing

Google publish huge advertise on many websites and if your site visitors click on that advertise then google will pay you fixed amount of money. This is google adsense.

Normally, Affiliate means a branch of business. If you start a business as a branch and sell their product then the company will pay you a commission or a dividend. Affiliate marketing is a system that provides advertise for your website, if the visitor click on that advertises and buy that product then the company will pay you a dividend. Actually, you site will promoting their product.

Some Initial strategy to be good at blogging

  1. Theme Selection

Choose a good quality theme or idea for your blog. Give full time to generate an idea you will get the better option to choose the better theme.
  1. Where to setup blog?

Content is the life a blog. But where to upload blog content? If you are an independent blogger then choose wordpress or if you are a personal blogger you can also choose blogger.
  1. Write and Write

If you have enough confidence in your work and if you want to make your work admirable then make short content. Try to express yourself.

At first, celebrate your writings though those are small or irrelevant. It will be merged with your writing and you. Just continue the habit of writing.
  1. Use notepad

Always keep a notepad with you. If you get any idea just write down it in you notepad.
  1. Share with your friends

When you uploaded your content to your website, share it with your friends. They will be the first reader of your content. If someone snubbing on you, don’t think about them. But if your writing is good then they will read your blog and they will be the primary visitor of your site.

  1. Use social media

Share your blog posts with social media like facebook, twitter, google plus. This will create regular reader. If your writing is good they will share your blog post and don’t need to promote your content.
  1. Engage with reader’s

Your blog reader can ask you questions or counsel. Always try to answer them it will create relationship between blogger and reader. They will return to your blog for your activeness.

  1. Focus on your writing

Emphasize on your writings. Create good, specific and engaging article. Because if there is a good thing in your writing people will find you anyhow. If you skip focusing on article writing others will not help you but it doesn't mean that you will not share your content to social media

Blogging is a passion for me but if I made any mistake please counsel me and don't hesitate to ask me

Top 3 Affordable Web Hosting for Beginners

Affordable web hosting services for newbies. Although you can find so many free web hosting services in the market, but finally I realized that’s not a good idea to use free web hosting if you really want to make money online. At the first years, I didn’t buy a domain or web hosting. One big reason was that I thought it’s difficult to do it for me, that’s a technical issue. Of course, web hosting was expensive years ago. Now I'm talking about affordable web hosting that will be easy to maintain for beginners level.

The biggest advantage of self host is that you have the database, you control everything at your hands. I will talk about WordPress later, buying a web host will enable you to take good use of it and help make more money.

Choose Best Affordable Web Hosting


Features of Bluehost a reliable web hosting provider

BlueHost Data Centers:

Bluehost has a 20,000 square feet data centers in Provo, Utah. Bluehost claims to monitor their servers and data centers round the clock. These data centers has a power backup by UPS and diesel generator. These data centers have multiple 10 gigabit connection to locations all over the world.

Money Back Guarantee:

Bluehost offers a 30 days full money back guarantee and a prorated anytime money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with them then you can get a full refund in first 30 days. Payments for domain names will not be refunded. In the case of free domain name, around $14 will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded. After first 30 days you can still cancel your account at anytime but you only get a prorated refund for the remaining period.


Bluehost offers a number of support options.

  • 24/7/365 Live chat. Average wait time for chat is 2 minutes. But live chat can be busy at times and sometimes you can have to wait up to 28 minutes.

  • 24/7/365 Tickets and Email support. Average response time is 6 hours. Response time can range from 1 hour to 24 hours.

  • Phone support 24/7/365. Wait time usually can range from few seconds to few minutes. Bluehost offers a toll-free number for USA.

  • and Mail support.


  • Free domain name

  • Unlimited disk space

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited domain names

  • cPanel

  • Unlimited Email accounts

  • Free drag and drop site builder with free templates

  • $100 Google Adwords voucher

Unlimited Stuff:

BlueHost advertises unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space but indeed there are set limits on both disk space and monthly bandwidth and if someone crosses these limits then his account can be banned. So, please do not forget to read their terms of service for full details of these limits on so called unlimited stuff.

BlueHost Control Panel And Ease Of Use:

Bluehost offers free cPanel with shared hosting. With cPanel, you can easily manage all your web hosting stuff like creating databases, installing scripts and setting up your email accounts, all this and much more in just few clicks. With cPanel it is super easy to do all stuff you need to do.

WordPress And BlueHost:

Bluehost offers single click WordPress installation. In just few minutes you can easily setup your WordPress blog.


Bluehosts basic plan for shared hosting costs,

  • $6.95/month on 12 months payment.

  • $5.95/month on 24 months payment.

  • $4.95/month on 36 months payment.

There is no option to pay on monthly, quarterly or on 6 months basis. This plan comes with a free domain name.

Recommend BlueHost

Features of HostGator an efficient web hosting provider

Hostgator Data Centers

Hostgator data center is an extremely efficient 8500 sq. ft. They offer ace designed and energy efficient. They also offers high performance fully redundant network utilizing the largest technology. They have massive bandwidth capacity and all servers monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensuring maximum uptime.

MoneyBack Facilities

HostGator offers 45 days money back guarantee. If the customer found better then hostgator and they will refund your money for shared, reseller or vps hosting. But they don't refund for dedicated servers, administrative fees, install fees for custom software. and for $0.01 refund are not eligible. In addition Check, money order and bank wire transfer are not eligible for the refund.

HostGator Customer Support

They Offers Live chat, over telephone, email, fax you just choose which option is better for you.
They are reliable for their customer support system. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year they are ready to help you.
Live chat: 24/7/365 no matter what time is it now.
Phone/Fax: Toll Free:
    (866) 964 - 2867
Local: (713) 574 - 5287
International: 00+1-713-574-5287
Fax (Billing): (281) 476 - 7800
Fax (Abuse): (281) 476 - 7801

You can mail them directly: Houston, Texas, USA
Austin, Texas, USA
Florianópolis, SC, Brazil
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

The Good On HostGator

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

  • Full CPanel Support.

  • Easy Sign Up Process.

  • Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers.

  • Affordable Prices.

  • 45 Day Refund Policy.

  • Excellent Customer Service.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space.

Hostgator Pricing Table

Hatchling Plan Now 43% off! $3.95/monthly
Baby Plan Now 40% off! $5.95/monthly
Business Plan Now 60% off! $5.95/monthly
Run 2.5x faster wordpress hosting

Starter $5.95/mo 40% off single domain
standard $7.95/mo 50% off two domains
Business $9.95/mo 56% off three domains

Another facilities of hostgator is free migrations of you existing wordpress site. Actually, HostGator provides much affordable web hosting services than others.

Recommend HostGator


NameCheap affordable web hosting

First of all, it's a cheap web hosting service I'm talking from my own experience.

NameCheap Data Centers

Namecheap data centers are operating from north America and Europe. Most noteworthy, they are ICANN certified domain registrar.
They also have fully redundant key systems. Their data center are Atlanta, GA. Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX.(primary)
Clifton, NJ (NYC). Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA (secondary).

MoneyBack Facilities

Namecheap has refund facilities on new shared hosting, reseller and vps services. While new purchases of dedicated servers, Private email subscriptions and renewals of any services (hosting packages, Private email subscriptions) are non-refundable.

NameCheap Customer Support

Their support center much strong. you can easily contact with them in live chat. knowledgebase, email and submit tickets. And their customer services are really good. In addition, they will fix your site also.

Features On NameCheap

  • almost 100% Uptime Guarantee.

  • Get Full Support of CPanel.

  • Easy Sign Up Process.

  • Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers.

  • Affordable web hosting services.

  • Refund Facilities.

  • Excellent Customer Service.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space.

NameCheap Pricing

NameCheap has been outstanding for beginners! Most of all newbie looking for different hosting providers but when they looked at NameCheap they don't think about others. NameCheap just simply rocks!

Shared hosting us data center 1 year start from only $9.88. Is it affordable for you? But one thing to remember it will cost $38.88 when you renew your plan. In addition, you can go as professional with $19.88 per year.

Finally, we reached the end of the topic. In conclusion, I recommend you to use NameCheap.

Profitable Domain Registration Strategy for Beginners

Domain Registration is the first step. We talked about how to find your money blogging topic before. Once you’ve found the topic you desire to make a website/blog. At first, you have to do is register a domain for your topic. Ask me who provides domain name registration services? Well! I'll talk about that latter.

Need to know about the domain name?

What is Domain Name?

In brief domain name is online identity. Actually, domain name is the name and address by which you go online. Ohh! I think give you theory about domain name definition.

Who Owns a Domain Name?

Well! I have a domain name! "". If you want to buy a domain name then you'll have a domain name. Actually, people who wanted to share their information over the internet they own's domain name. In addition, people who do their business over the internet, online marketers, celebrity, even brand has their own domain name. ",,, are the example of the brand domain name. If someone wants to sell services or product online they also own their domain name.


Who Registered a Domain Name?

I know about some brand domain name register who provides domain registration services with affordable domain registration fees. "NameCheap" "GoDaddy" "HostGator" "BlueHost" provides best domain registration services. They are the most popular web service provider and known to all over the world. So choose the best domain registrar. So buy your first domain name and make it live!

Domain Registration Fees:

Domain registration prices are almost same everywhere. But if someone wanted to buy premium seo ready domain name or branded domain name that might be different. In the title, I said domain registration strategy for beginners. So, I won't talk about those domains. The price of a new domain is $10 to $30. Domain name prices depend on domain register. Sometimes they offer for a cheap domain name.

Domain Name Registration from Namecheap



Copy the exact keyword you found from the Google Keyword Tool above to the search domain blank box as shown in the picture above, like “make money blogging”. In the next page, you will see if it’s available to register. The best is with TLD (top-level domain) of .COM, then .NET or .ORG.

In general, the keyword you found has been chosen by somebody else, what you can do is to add a word before or after the keyword you like. For instance, I added “101” after “Make Money Blogging” to have available for my registration.

Of course, you can use any domain registrars you want. For now, you can click this link to get the special price as low as $8.88 a year for your domains at NameCheap.

If anything goes wrong with domain registration process feel free to ask me. I'll definetly help you.

Find best for research competitor keywords

research competitor keywords that helps you to find proper keyword and keywords will help you to write blog posts. moreover, it will help you to get organic traffic from search engines. While other's are writing their article with a bunch of proper keywords using keywords research tool why you writing casually?

I recommend you to research competitor keywords using best free keyword research tools

That’s the first step for making money blogging. You have to find a interesting topics to blog about or right keyword that you want to share with your potential audiences and make money from that. Some people just write their daily life on their websites, that’s not the right way to make money online at all except you are a celebrity. I'm not sure you are a celebrity or not. If that happened, I'll be very glad. While you are  not a celebrity you need to find a right keyword or bunch of keywords and they will make money on behalf of you.
best+free+keyword+research+tool, research+competitor+keywords

Find Ad Grants Keyword research competitor keywords

I prefer to find google or other ad grants keyword. How to know this keyword is ad granted? well! I'm sharing that i know. Go to google search your keyword with your niche. Google shows you search result, isn't it? Yes but google shows you something more and something unexpected. Ok! come to the point. Did you notice that on your search result? If notice, then ok. Let me explain - see below image I marked with red circle. that's an ordinary advertise on google but that ad shows the keyword you search for. Do you understand or not? If not then search again then see is your keyword in the google advertise or not? If those ads have your keyword then you have to understand your keyword is ad grants. So let's find ad grants keyword.
best+free+keyword+tool, research-competitor-keywords

I forgot to tell you that why I find ad grants keywords?

because those keywords are researched before by advertiser. And grab those keywords to research on other keyword suggestion analysis tools for more information about those generated keywords.

It’s better to start with what you are good at. Take this site as an example. I learned money blogging and am eager to share my experience. In another word, I have had something to say in my mind before I started this website, that is "make money online".

Best free keyword suggestion analysis

Most of all the keyword research tools are not free to use that's why beginners are scared about it. I'm using some basic keyword analysis tool for beginners. I'm sure those will be the best seo keyword suggestion tool.

Google Keyword Planner

Since I have had such a basic idea, the next is to use google adwords keyword planner: This tool is free and very useful for us to find a blogging topic ideas.

As shown in the picture below, just type the keyword you want, in the top box but you have to choose the “EXACT” in the “Match Types”, that means there is no words before or after the keyword you are going to explore and that’s what the real situation will be.

best+keyword+analysis+tool; research competitor keywords


There is a very long list of related keywords, some of them are out of your mind but people are searching for. Primarily you sort the list by “Global Monthly Searches” (GMS) and find a special keyword that’s lower competition on GMS. Here I used “Make Money Blogging”.

You may wonder why I choose “Make Money Blogging”? Here we have to use SEOQUAKE, an add-on's for Firefox to help us find out the competition of a specific keyword. To download SEOQUAKE and learn how to use it here: The basic idea and easiest way is to look at the PR (Page Rank) value. If you see so many PR=4, 5 or greater over there on the first 10 search results on Google, it’s normally difficult to get your keywords listed on the page 1.

Google Keyword Planner Tool help you to find low competitive keywords. So you can use adwords as a competitive free keyword research tools. while other keyword suggestion analysis tool shows you keyword only, google adwords tool show you search volume data also, it mean full term of keyword analysis. Besides this is the best keyword search volume tool. Find new keyword and get search volume data. I'm always choosing the right keywords for seo. I think now you can understand.


Oodlesuggest is another free keyword analysis tool. You can use this tool to find related keywords of your main keyword. It does not show you keywords details data. But it gives you ideas about keyword.

Get niche related keywords ideas


Uddersuggest is similar keyword suggestion tool of Oodlesuggest. But it gives you some extra feature as like as....

(a)Targeting country and language

(b) Keyword search for web

(c) Keyword search for image

(d) Keyword search for shopping

(e) Keyword search for youtube

(f) Keyword search for news

So find your friendly keywords using free keyword tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool

It's a pro tool but you can use this keyword research tool as a free. You can get 750+ google keyword ideas using this tool. and says them self as an alternative of google adwords. Find your habit and find what audience is looking for. Free method does not much feature but research competitor keywords tools also helps you to find your desired keywords.

The last word is if you target big country and keyword search for website then you have to choose long tail keyword. To find long tail keywords you can use longtail pro or as a free method you can get ideas about longtail keywords from those free keyword suggestion analysis tools I mentioned before.

Top 5 Free Websites to Create Logo for Your Site

Logos are more effective than any simple text. If you have a website then you also want a logo for your website. If you feel that logos are hard to create then you are wrong. Today there are many free websites are available to create logo. From thousands of websites I bring here top 5 free websites which helps you to create logo for your site. Here I am not sharing the list of such free websites which promises you to create free logos but at the time of download they ask for money. You will get here totally free logo creator & as well as free download in top 5 free websites to create logo for your site post.


Free Websites to Create Logo for Your Site

1. Online Logo Maker

Online logo maker comes with lots of symbols & text styles which you can use to design your logo. Without signup you can make & download logo once so I recommend you to make an account there which is free of cost. By sign up you can make logos & download unlimited number of times.

2. Logo Factory Web

This is another awesome tool which helps you to make logo & the good part is you haven’t to create account to start your work. Just select your design & text & download your logo. Simple & easy.

3. Logo Garden

Logo Garden comes with very interesting & simple interface the low part of this website is you can download the logos for free but they are in low quality. To download high resolution logos you need to spend some bucks but according to me it is not necessary because the low quality is enough to use as logo of your website but yes if you are going to use as banner, cards etc. then don’t hesitate to purchase.

4. Cool Text

If you like to add some animation on your logos then you can use this website & the best part of this website is it providing HTML coding of logo so you haven’t to worry if your website theme doesn’t support logo uploader then use the code on header.

5. Zillion Designs

This is another free website to create logo for your site. In just three steps you can make & free download the logo.

You can use any of websites from top 5 free websites to create logo for your site. Above websites are free to use they are not like websites which claims free but after creating logo you have to pay. So feel free to use any of above mentioned website.

- See more at:

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Website Loading Time

Website loading time is a common issue and important for your site. Everyone who have a website wants that his or her website gets thousands of visitors every day & for this bloggers keep update their website with new stuff, owing all SEO strategies, follactive on social media & others. But if you still not getting the target visitor then may be one of the biggest reason could be page load time.

Did you ever tried to know the page load time of your website. If no then this is the right time to give some time in this section. If your websites takes too much time to load then you are loosing  thousands of traffic per day because no one have patience to wait until & unless you have a famous website. So if you have a new website then I recommend you to follow this top 5 ways to reduce your website loading time.


Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Website Loading Time

1. Use Less Plugins

If you are using too much plugins then it will be one of the biggest reason that your website taking too much time to load. Try to minimize the number or plugins. Delete the unnecessary plugins as soon as possible. Make sure to remove such plugins first which manual methods available in other words don’t install plugins for Facebook, Google+ etc. it can be manually integrated on your website.

2. Use Compress Images

It is always recommended to use compressed images in your website whether you have a picture based website or you use only one image per article. Images are very much responsible for page load time. Before adding images to your website give some time to compress image. I am not saying that compromise with the quality of images. you can take help of WP plugin to compress images. It will compress the images without loosing quality but again I recommend you to use any compression software to compress images so you will get double benefit.

3. W3 Total cache or WP Super Cache

There are lots of unnecessary things collected in WordPress like unapproved comments, caches, spams etc. which are totally useless. You have to delete it daily wise so your website can run smoothly but if you have not enough time the use W3 Total cache or WP Super Cache plugins. It helps you to delete  all unnecessary things in one single click.

4. Use Less Javascrpits

Like images & plugins, javascripts are also responsible for increasing page load time. Javascripts mostly integrated with plugins i.e. Facebook pop up box. So deleting unnecessary plugins can help you to reduce the number of javascripts. If you are using any other javascripts other then plugins then remove it if it is not necessary. So use less javascript as much as you can to reduce website loading time.

5. Use Website Analyzer Tools

There are thousands of website analyzer tool available which gives you complete details of your website from page speed to broken links & many more. I recommend to use this tool & try to fix the part which surely reduce the page load time of your website.